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July 13--So the wind won't blow it all away

I spent the morning taking care of financial stuff, and the afternoon and early evening working on my proposal. I am encouraged, and will be glad when it is done and submitted. We took a walk in the evening, when it had cooled off to below 90. Still lots of people out in the park playing Pokemon. I showed Malida what it was about and took a picture of her next to a Pokemon so she could show her friends in Thailand, who don't have the game yet. I will spare you.

The only other picture I took today was of my desktop full of books and papers, but it looked messy, which it is, so I don't want to use it.

I looked back to 10 years ago and found the one below. I remember the day I took it. I was sitting in the park, under a tree. I had met someone a week before, and was debating whether to call her. I did call her. Nothing romantic came of it, but we became good friends.The Graphic Artist.

The picture is interesting because I can see how things change. An old click wheel iPod, a Motorola flip-phone. A hat that got chewed to pieces by one of my step-sister's poodles. A pair of sunglasses that I would soon lose when my kayak flipped over in the American River while I was kayaking with gracegiver and pinkroo. A water bottle that was recycled and is now something else. A call made to someone who is now gone. A leaf that blew away.

Eventually the wind blows it all away.

so the wind won't blow it all away
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