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July 18--done for the summer

I submitted the last of my assignments last night for the summer semester. I am so glad it is over. I spent the past 4 days writing and editing almost non-stop. Well, not really, but I spent about 31 hours on my project proposal before submitting it. There was one section that, the more I worked on it, became more and more incomprehensible to me.

I guess it was fine, though, because I got feedback from my advisor that it all looked good, and to enjoy the rest of my summer. Which I plan to do. In a previous edit, she reminded me that a paragraph requires three sentences. Done!

After starting the laundry and getting new tires put on my car, I drove downtown and walked around for a few hours. I hadn't done that in a long time. Walking downtown used to be one of my favorite pastimes. It was a lovely day, and I enjoyed it.


There is an initiative around here to have artist paint utility boxes. It's a pretty cool idea. I saw this one and was immediately drawn to it. I love bee art. One of my favorite things about visiting St. Peters was the bees at the base of the canopy over the altar.

The utility box is also an Ingress portal. I dropped a resonator on it before I took the picture. After I took the picture and stared walking down the street, I noticed that someone from the resistance had been here at the same time and turned it blue. I turned it green again and continued on my walk.


It kind of looks like this bird is flying off, and taking the building with him. I enjoyed my walk. I found a ramen house I want to try next time I am down there. I was going to try it today, but my car was on a meter that was almost out, about 10 blocks away. Next time.

I came home and folded the clothes, then watched tv for a while. I've watched about 2 hours of tv in the past couple months. I haven't missed it. I turned it off and read a book for a while. A book that has nothing at all to do with diabetes.
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