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July 21--random images from a rural cemetery

I took a drive out to take out an ingress field in the town of Clements, which is just at the foot of the foothills. People like to put fields in out-of-the-way places, because no one likes to go out there and take them down. I do, though. Any excuse for a nice drive in the country on a lovely day.

The portal was in a very cool old cemetery. There were some really old stones from the 1800s, and some newer stuff. Most of the newer stuff seems to be somewhat hand-made, or at least hand-decorated. I like the idea of being able to create a monument for someone you loved that doesn't have to comply with a bunch of cemetery rules. There were some wrought iron tables and chairs scattered around so you could sit and take it all in.

Lil' cowboy

Lil' Cowboy.

blue boy

Blue boy. This was in the midst of a bunch of plants. Kind of interesting.


Strangely enough, there was a rotting toy stethoscope sitting on a table.

It was a cool place to visit. I will go back one of these days.

I drove back down into the city and had some noodles at that ramen place I discovered the other day. It was delicious.

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