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July 22--State Fair

We went to the state fair today, which is something we do almost every year. I've been going to it since I first moved up here 31 years ago. During the stretch of years when I was single, I don't think I went much if at all. Anyway, today was the day for us. Sometimes it can be really hot, but today was supposed to only get up into the mid 90s, and that seemed reasonable.

Malida and I have developed a fair routine. We go early and get a good parking spot in the shaded area under the solar panel fields. Then we go in and peruse the food section. One of the best things about the fair is the food. Stuff you would probably never eat regularly, but this is the time to indulge.

She got a greek plate and I had a pulled pork sandwich. Both were good. After we ate, we went to the livestock exhibits. After that it is the agriculture exhibits--they keep a farm there year-round with all the stuff you can find growing in California. The food they grow is donated to the local food bank, for distribution to those in need.

After that we headed to the exhibit halls. There are two sections--one with arts and crafts, and stuff like that, and the other with people selling stuff. I love both, but have a particular fondness for wandering the aisles and listening to the vendors demonstrating knives, cookware, etc. We always end up buying something, whether it be miracle eyeglass cleaner (it really does work well), miracle hand lotion (yeah, no) or whatever.

Last year we met the people who eventually came and installed window shutters for us. They gave us a great deal, and we love them. This year we bought some bed sheets and some sheepskin slippers.

There are all sorts of random exhibits as well--fire safety, water conservation, county exhibits, etc. We love them all. After we got tired of walking around we headed back to the food area to get a corn dog. Malida says that if you go to the state fair and don't have a corn dog, it's as if you never even went.

corn dog

On our way out, we stopped at the photo booth to have our picture taken. This is another thing we do almost every year. We put them on the refrigerator, and forget about them. We have a lot of stuff on our refrigerator. I particularly liked our pictures this year. I look older, but sure look happy and relaxed.

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