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August 1--the ever-changing sameness of the days

The days drift by, without anchors to hold them down. One day flows into the next. I do the same things every day, but in subtly different ways and in different locations. I am slowly drifting through the last day of summer, and am content.

beam walkers

Public art near the Crocker Museum.

I go out and walk every day, and then head somewhere to explore and maybe play some Ingress. If Malida is off, we explore together and find a nice place to eat. She is in the middle of transitioning to a new position at a different clinic, much closer to home than the one she works at now. It will be a nice change for her, but in the meantime she is working hours at both.

We are taking next week off and heading up into the mountains. I rented a cabin near a lake where there is no tv, no internet and no phone. I am looking forward to just enjoying the scenery and drifting some more.

After that I head back to work to prepare for the next semester. I went in today to take care of a few things and was able to meet our new director, who is my new boss. First impression is that she is awesome. She has the same DNP degree that I am pursuing, and we talked about our common interests for a while. She has a lot of positive energy. I'm looking forward to seeing how the semester progresses.

random cat

A cat I met on my travels. This was next to a wonderful hole-in-the-wall Mexican place where I had lunch the other day.

My advanced certification in critical care was due to expire today. I haven't worked in the ICU in more than 4 years, and I had put it on inactive status to see where I would end up. To rectify you need a certain number of hours in direct patient care in the ICU, which I don't have. Fortunately, they created a category of certification for people like me, who, although we no longer work in the trenches, grow the next generation of critical care nurses. It is called Critical Care Registered Nurse-Knowledge. I like that. So that's what I am now: CCRN-K.


A very cool grave marker for a general surgeon who died on my birthday in 1992.

I still have some stuff to accomplish before the semester starts. I need to open and process all the non-essential mail that has accumulated in a big pile on the table. Hopefully there is nothing surprising within. I also need to take our other cat to be fixed. I keep saying this, but she seems happy enough most of the time so I keep putting it off. And I need to clean up my desk at home to prepare for this doctoral semester, that, according to one of my professors, is going to "kick your ass".

But until then, I will continue to drift.
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