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August 3--a bumper crop

I went out to the wildlife refuge yesterday to hike around for a while before it go too hot. It is somewhat southwest of where I live, and not too far from the nature preserve where I like to walk sometimes. They are somewhat interconnected, as they both are places where migrating birds stop. There are no migrating birds this time of year, but I did see a jackrabbit, some butterflies, and a very tiny praying mantis peeking out at me from behind a leaf. Interestingly, after I came home and was out watering the plants, I saw another one, equally tiny, looking at me.


There are three national wildlife refuges in the Sacramento area. This one is by far the smallest, but it is the one closest to home. I will come out again in November when the birds are there. It is a nice spot, kind of out in the middle of nowhere, and very peaceful.


I saw some wild corndogs growing in the field. Looks like they are about ready for picking. Unfortunately I didn't see any mustard plants nearby.

One thing concerned me--I saw this giant walking across the field toward me. I stood real still as it passed and it didn't notice me. Whew!


Unfortunately, I looked back to where it came from and realized there was an entire army following it. We are doomed! Doomed, that is, unless this giant robot army saves us from the general election in November.

robot army

Today I made some delicious spaghetti using my Godfather/Grandma recipe. It was delicious!


Tomorrow I have to recertify for Advanced Cardiac Life Support, something I have done every two years since the late 1980s. Fortunately they keep changing the algorithms, so there is always something new to learn. Some treatments come and go, and others persist.

The original ACLS guidelines were cowritten by Jeffrey McDonald, an emergency room physician and former Green Beret. He was later convicted of killing his family, after blaming it on hippies. If you google "army doctor who killed his family and blamed it on hippies", you will find the very compelling story.
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