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August 4--Shock da liver

I was scheduled for my ACLS class this morning. I had signed up for the renewal class even though my certification had expired some time last year. Then I read the website that said, "YOU MUST SHOW YOUR ACTIVE ACLS PROVIDER CARD IN ORDER TO TAKE THE RENEWAL COURSE" in big red letters. So I called and left a message two days ago telling them I think I need the other class. I didn't hear anything back so I called and left another message yesterday. Again, no response. So I called early this morning, because they had the other class starting at 8. Again, no answer.

So I went over there at 8 and the place was closed. I fretted a bit, then took a walk in the park and felt better. My class was scheduled for 11, and I imagined a number of possible scenarios--that I would be turned away from the class, that I would demand my money back, etc.

I got there at 11 and there was only one person there--the woman who was running the class. I explained my situation, and said I had called many times. She laughed and apologized, and told me it was fine. I could take the class, and that I was the only person in it, so if I knew what I was doing, we would be done quickly.

She explained that she had her husband ran the training, and that he was in nursing school and easily distracted from checking voice mails. I told her I understood completely. I don't know how anyone can do anything other than nursing school when they are in nursing school.

What is normally a 6 hour training took about 1 1/2 hours. I teach this stuff so I know it backwards and forwards, not to mention that I practiced it for years and years. We went over the new changes--that was really what I was interested in. She showed me the new videos that outlined the changes. It is interesting that a lot of the stuff we used to do is not not recommended, and may even be harmful.

I demonstrated that I knew what I was doing, took the tests, and got my recertification. Easy.

I came home and had some lunch then took a nice nap and dreamed about some people talking about something. People are always talking about something in my dreams.

preston castle

A mosaic of the Preston Castle in the sidewalk in the town of Ione, near where the lazy cat sleeps. Google Preston Castle if you want to know what it is.
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