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August 16--Road Trip! (sort of)

This morning I looked in the mirror and faced the dreaded reality of having to shave again every day. Not shaving has been one of the best things about summer break. Sure I ended up with a scraggly grey beard, but it was so worth it.

Malida left this for me on the shopping list white board:

shave ur beard

So I shaved, mostly. I left a well-trimmed goatee, but I will probably lose that before the students return next week.

Today was also the day that I abandoned my summer uniform of t-shirt, cargo pants, and baseball cap in favor of some slacks and a button-down shirt. Summer is over. Sigh.

I went into work and did some stuff. I ran into my new boss and asked her if she wanted to go over to the hospital with me to see one of our clinical sites. "Yes!" she exclaimed. So we did.

It was pretty cool to spend some time with her and talk about the program and her expectations. I told her about my conversations with the dean, and where I hoped the program would go. We talked about all sorts of things, and discovered we knew a couple of people in common (it's a small world).

I showed her around the hospital and introduced her to all the unit managers. There were a bunch of my former students working on the units as well, so I introduced them. She loved that there were so many of them who had gotten jobs there and were representing the program. We talked a bit about how seeing former students being successful nurses really validates what we do.

So it was a good day, and well worth shaving for.

road trip

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