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August 17--Duck, duck...


What you looking at?

I suppose today qualified as my last real day off of the summer. I glanced at some work email, but that was about it. Instead, I drove downtown and wandered around for a few hours looking at things. One of my favorite pastimes. I got 10,000 steps in, so I guess it counts as activity, even though some of those steps happened while I looked for a hot dog cart (which I didn't find).

I thought about stuff as I walked. I even thought about stuff I could write here, but now I can't remember what it was. It was interesting, though, I'm sure. I should mumble into a voice recorder when I think of these things. My phone has that capability, but I really only use it when I hear a song I like and want to remember it.

I stopped at the store to buy food supplies, then picked up some Vietnamese food for Malida, who is working three days in a row. She is transitioning to her new clinic, and had to get up at 3:30 this morning. The upside is that she was home by 6.

My doctoral classes start up again next week, and I paid my tuition today. I also submitted my transcripts to the human resources department so that I can get a raise for completing 15 units above my master's level education. The yearly increase will be a little more than what I paid in tuition for this semester. Not exactly break-even, but I guess it will pay off eventually. One thing I have been able to say with certainty throughout my nursing career is that it has never been about the money.
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