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August 21--His name was Jaques, but everyone called him Porky

I had my first day back at work on Friday. The first day is alway a big presentation, speeches, and then a bunch of meetings. One part that was interesting was that it is the 100th year of the college, and the historian gave an awesome presentation on some of the stuff that has gone on in those 100 years.

The historian, who is close to 90, used to teach here. He knows all sorts of things that have gone on. One thing he mentioned was that back in the 1980s, he went to a Pink Floyd concert in the Football stadium. Me too!


The school has these boards up where people can write stuff. Being that it is a community college, you get a diversity of responses. It's fun to read.

I spent the weekend clearing the decks at home so that I can jump into both school and SCHOOL tomorrow. I cleaned off my desk and filed all my articles and papers. I paid all the bills, did the laundry, the dishes, and took out the trash. I am ready.

Why are we going back to school? Because we want to...

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