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August 23--school daze

The students started today. We greeted them with donuts and orange juice, and followed with insulin shooters, lol. We gave them the introduction to the course and then just kind of launched in. I don't have any lectures for the first month, so I get to ease in a bit. I do have to teach computerized charting the next two days, but It's not complex, just confusing.

fall 16

My doctoral semester has started as well, and I had my first phone conference as the student rep to the faculty meeting. I love seeing how the doctoral faculty operate. I was somewhat intimidated last year, but now I just jump in and bring the student perspective.

I have a pork shoulder sitting in the refrigerator that I would like to roast, but can't bring myself to do it when it is still 90 degrees out. I'm gonna have to soon, though. Or freeze it. But I can already taste it so I'll probably just cook it. I experimented with making some arepas yesterday and that's what I want the pork for.


Again this morning I woke up and sat at the side of the bed and said "I have to go to work".
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