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August 28--Five days later!

Since I sort of abandoned the idea of trying to make a post every day, I am sometimes surprised by how fast the time goes by. I took my students to the hospital for their first clinical day Friday. I forgot to take a picture, but I will this week. Before they know it, they will be done and ready to graduate. It seems like a good group.

I spent some time with each of them individually. There is always something in their stories that surprises me. They are always more than "just nursing students". My last question to them is "Is there anything else you think I I should know to help you be successful this semester?" It amazes me that they are dealing with what they are dealing with and still being successful students.

I share my story with them too. I really never know how much of my story I will share until I am in the midst of it. This time it was a lot. We are all on a journey together for this brief moment in time. I want us to know each other.

We had some friends staying with us for the weekend. The last time we saw them was in Thailand last year. Wippy and Malida used to work together at the hospital in Ubon. Her husband, David, is from New York. He and I have a lot in common. We were born three days apart, both love music, both love photography, both love to travel, and both are married to women from Thailand. The big difference is that he is an extrovert and I am an introvert, so he tends to tell a lot of stories and I tend to listen. But it is never dull.

Puu and Wippy

The friends left this afternoon after lunch, and I started in on homework. My first assignment of the semester was due this evening. Doing the reading was ok, but once it came to writing, I found that I was encased in concrete and had to break free before I could write a word. Eventually I got it done and submitted, and now I am on my way to completing another semester.

dr Mook

Mook stands (or sits) ready to help me be a successful student.
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