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September 1, 2016--Saintgeorge

I found out, via Facebook, that my friend Patrick O'Neill (saintgeorge) passed away recently. He was among my oldest friends on LJ, way back when I was myasma. He was outspoken and unique. He had a big heart.

I last heard from him earlier this year when I received a card he sent from India. He had been to India when he was younger, but health problems had always kept him from returning, until this year. I am glad he was able to go again.

When I took my long journey across Canada 11 years ago (that I documented in my other other journal ghostjourney), I stopped in to visit him where he was living in Toronto, just before I passed back into the US on my way home. I wasn't planning to go home until that day, when I decided it was time. We sat on his porch and drank tea. I don't think either of us was really comfortable, because we were both introverts, but it did create a bond between us that kept us friends all these years.

I don't really remember the context for this picture, other than it had to do with my left foot, and I remember taking it. It was the picture I posted on the day I met Patrick, even though I know I took a picture of him on his porch. I will have to find it and post it later. One interesting thing about this picture is that, on the day I took it, I was also thinking about my friend Lynn, who passed away late last year.

my left foot in some canadian stream

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