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September 20--How Marconi, Edison, Tesla, Carver and I discovered natural light

I had a nice talk with the student today. Turns out it wasn't specifically me giving her the side-eye of disapproval--she perceives it coming at her from all directions. She's pretty young, and I think she hasn't figured out yet how to own her learning experience, so we will work on that.

One of my other students asked if I let other people read the journals they send me. I don't and told her so. She said she had things she wanted to write, but wanted to be sure. I think this semester is going to be somewhat intense, journal-wise.

I mentioned yesterday that I had been looking for some photos in my archives and came across all sorts of interesting things from 10 years ago. One of those things was when I first started to understand the beauty of natural light. Up until that point I had either used flash or lamps to light things.

One day I was at my friend's house hanging out. She lived in an old house in an older area of town, and the windows were old glass--somewhat irregular in texture. She had a glass table near one, on which sat a glass chess set. I remember sitting there looking at it, and thinking, that would make a good picture. I always had my camera with me, so I made the shot.

chess set

I loved how it ultimately turned out, and when I look at it now, I still like it. It was one of those accidental shots where I had no idea what I was doing. I could probably duplicate it today (she still lives there), but it wouldn't be as good, because it wouldn't be spontaneous.

After that I used natural light a lot.


Another one, on a rainy day. This time it was my house and my glass table. The bird figurine had been given to my first wife by Sr. Paulina, the sister who ran the diaconate program. It sat on that table until I got cats who kept knocking it off. Now it is on a shelf in Malida's office with all the little figurines she has collected over the years.

I remember having all this time to take pictures--entire days where that's all I would do. That time is spent elsewhere now.
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