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November 24--Happy US Thanksgiving!

Someone left a comment the other day noting that I hadn't made a post in a while, and they were right. I thought it had been a few weeks, but the last time was October 8. Time just slips by. I've been pretty busy in the interval, but things are winding down for the semester and I spy winter break on the horizon, which makes me happy.

5 years later

We had a quiet thanksgiving--just the two of us and the cats. We got invited to a party, but didn't feel like it. We went out for a walk along the creek this morning. It was a lovely day. Malida showed me a pic I took 5 years ago that popped up on her Facebook memories, and we recreated it 5 years later.

During my absence from here, Malida was in Thailand for 3 weeks visiting her family and friends. I sure missed her, but I had so much school work due that I welcomed the quiet and the time. I'm glad she's back, though!

pot stickers

One of the things I have taken up again, amidst all the stress, is cooking from scratch. I find it relaxing, and it is great to get away from processed foods. I joined one of those clubs where they send you a box of ingredients every week. I didn't like it at first, but now I love it. It forces me out of my food comfort zone. I don't get a box every week, but I do cook everything fresh now.

I had a really stressful couple of weeks at the end of October where work was crazy and I had all sorts of big assignments due in school. I was driving home from work one afternoon and felt some chest pain and my heart fluttering in my chest. My heart rate was about 170. I was two blocks from the hospital, and thought I ought to go, but my phone was almost dead and I didn't have a charger, Malida was 8000 miles away, and I had too much homework to do. So I pulled over and waited it out.

I ended up going to see the doctor when it happened again a few days later. My heart was fine, but my potassium was critically low. So I include a lot of green leafy vegetables in what I cook.

I voted

Yeah. Unbelievable.


I remember that over the summer my advisor told me to be prepared, because this semester was going to kick my ass. She was right. This is the only semester in the program where we have three courses. Two of them are fine, but statistical analysis is just such a mystery to me. We are creating our data analysis for our projects. I still have no clue. I wrote the instructor the other day and told her that I was completely lost, and even though my papers were coherent, it was pretty much bullshit. She wrote back and told me to take some time away from it and we could talk next week and sort it all out. As hard as it is, I love this program.


I am going to turn 60 in about 2 weeks. In spite of everything, I feel great, and am happy to have made it to this point in my life. I don't think I ever imagined getting here. I am thankful for every moment.
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