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November 29--Failing to hold Christmas at bay

We had a nice Thanksgiving weekend. It was mostly quiet, and I had no homework assignments due. Malida and I feasted on seafood Thursday, had some traditional turkey and stuff Friday, went to a party at some Laotian friends on Saturday, and had lunch with my dad and step-sibling on Sunday. Within that time, I made cranberry bread three separate times. Each time it was yummy.

I have lots of step-siblings. My mom married a guy who had two children, and so have a step-brother and sister on that side. I am probably closest to them, as we all lived together for a number of years. My dad married a woman who had 6 children, all but one girls. Two of them have passed on, so I had (up until recently), 3 step-sisters and one step brother. I am not as close to them, but do see them a number of times a year. They are very close with my dad.

Last summer, one of my step-sisters got a letter from a guy who indicated that he might be their brother. As it turns out, my step-mother had a child when she was in high school in the early 1950s, and gave him up for adoption. She died almost 20 years ago, and took this secret to the grave with her, so it was quite a surprise for everyone. So now my step-siblings have a new half-brother and I have another step-brother.

It is interesting--although he is older than my other step-brother, they are so much alike that you would think they grew up together. One of my step-sisters is named Robbin, and his daughter is named Robin. Anyway we all had a nice lunch, and my new step-brother passed around chocolate snowmen for everyone.


Tomorrow is big trash day in our neighborhood. It is the day we can put out anything that is too big for normal trash. We can put out the equivalent of a pickup truck bed's worth of stuff. My neighbor said hi to me as I was putting out stuff. We first met the day after big trash day many years ago when he came to my door to ask if I had added some paint cans to his big trash (which are prohibited). I remember making an LJ entry about it.

I had a homework assignment due this evening, and I set a goal to submit it by 7:30 pm so I would have time to put out my big trash. I met the deadline. Big trash is out, and assignment is submitted.

School is almost done for the semester. I have two assignments left in my class, and two weeks left before my students graduate. I will welcome the break, but have lots of stuff to get done while I am off. We aren't going anywhere much, other than a few days on the coast, so I should have time to do everything I need. I expect I will have plenty of time for afternoon naps, which are now one of my favorite things, especially since the weather is now cool.

took nap

Mook likes naps too. We are nap buddies.
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