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January 3--The Clock is Ticking

It is a lovely rainy day here. Perfect for working in my home office. I have the music on and the blinds open, and it is peaceful.

I woke up this morning no longer fretful about school. Not sure why today was the day, but it was. I came into the office and started going through my school stuff and sorting it into piles that I will dig into later this week. I have a lot of revisions for my project that will be due at the beginning of the semester, but now that it is in piles, it seems more manageable. I really only have one class this coming semester--informatics, which should be interesting and not too difficult. The rest of the units are on project development, which is sort of independent study. It's all about getting my proposal in order to submit it for approval in April.

desk crew

The desk crew is ready to provide moral support.

I went in to work for a few minutes to retrieve my thumb drive with all my lesson plans so I can update them before classes start. It was about 55 degrees in my office. Apparently the boiler is broken again. The poor office staff were all huddled around space heaters. I talked to my boss for a little while and she offered me encouragement for my upcoming semester. She recently completed a similar program, so she understands.

One interesting side-effect of all my school stress is that I started cooking a lot more. Cooking has always been a great way for me to relax, and I have been trying out a lot of new recipes. Tomorrow I will make some red beans and ham. Not a new recipe--something I have been making for years. It is adapted from one of the old Frugal Gourmet books. I can already taste it! Mmmmmmm.
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