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January 5--Atmospheric river

After the last few days of storms, today presented with beautiful blue skies. It is a break before the next storm system that will come in Saturday. They are predicting lots and lots of rain. There are even sandbag stations being set up in town. We aren't in a flood zone, so it should be fine for us, unless the power goes out. But we would be ok then too.

We are taking advantage of the break between storms and going up to do some skiing in the morning. There is 6 feet of new snow up there, so should be fun. I hope I don't break my leg.

We went out for a walk in the park today. It was cool and crisp, and a lovely day. I took some pictures of leaves on the sidewalk, and thought about how I used to do that years ago.


I got together with my online friends this evening and played a couple of albums for them. We get together a few nights each week and play music for each other and talk about music and other stuff. I played the new Shearwater album, that isn't really new, since it came out almost a year ago. The leader of the band is also an ornithologist.

Last night I got together with my Ingress friends. I don't play too much anymore due to time constraints, but still like to meet up with them and farm for gear. I look forward to next summer when I can really cut loose again.

I finally made my beans, and they turned out great. I got the smoked ham hock from the German sausage store near the college. Really gave the beans a nice flavor. I will freeze them in individual servings and probably forget they are in the freezer.

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