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January 10--The stunned myocardium

It was pouring rain almost all day today. The rivers and creeks are rising, and there is some flooding expected. We are out of the flood plain, so no danger here, but there is a river that runs past the town south of us, and it is expected to crest its banks overnight. They have reopened the shelter in the park for these folks. We haven't had rain like this in years and years. On the one hand it is good, because it takes care of the drought, but I hate to see people lose their homes.

I went out this morning to drive to the other side of town to see one of my former students give a presentation. She is in a master's program and asked me to mentor her practicum project, which is an education initiative on the effects of dialysis on the heart. It was something I am interested in as I teach the dialysis and kidney failure content at school.

Interestingly, the presentation was at the regional offices of the company Malida works for, and her boss was there, so I got to meet her. It was a great presentation--my former student is a natural teacher, and I can see her going places. It was great to see her, and to be a part of her ongoing education. One of the best things about teaching.

As I drove home, I saw the news crews out where I took pictures yesterday.

discovery park

This was from yesterday. I watched the news tonight and the water is much higher--up to the roof of that building in the distance. I think I mentioned yesterday that the park is meant to flood, so it's not unusual. There is a vast area to the west of Sacramento that is rice fields in the summer, but acts as an overflow in the winter if necessary. I expect it is full of water as well.

I came home and made some scrambled eggs. I don't normally eat eggs. Can't stand them. But I do eat my scrambled eggs about 6 times a year. I put a lot of stuff in them so they don't really taste like eggs, but they are delicious. I start out by sautéing onions and mushrooms. Then I grate some cheddar and other cheese. Today it was havarti. I crack the eggs and add some water to them. I toss all that plus some olives into the eggs, and scramble them until they are done. I've been making them that way since I was a kid, although I used to use canned mushrooms. They are delicious. Stop by some time and I'll make them for you.


I did a bunch of other cooking today as well. Made some lemon bars, and braised some ribs in my newish pressure cooker thing. The pressure cooker is called an Instant Pot. I bought it on the recommendation of a friend, who was also gracious enough to add me to the Instant Pot Facebook page, where there are a bunch of people who are crazy, and try to cook everything in it. Very entertaining.

Tomorrow I will visit the hospital to ensure they are ready to receive my new students, who I will meet next week. I guess I should start thinking about my own coursework too, and work on those revisions.
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