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January 11--Companions on the journey

When I went out to go to work this morning, I was greeted by a beautiful sunny day. The last of the storm passed by overnight. It looks like no more rain for a while.

I went to the hospital and wandered around the units, reminding the various managers that my students would be returning next week. They all seemed happy to welcome the students again. When I first started there, I got a sort of "we don't want students" vibe. I have worked hard to change that. I think part of it is that there are now a lot of my former students doing well on the units. I saw a few of them today and they all seem happy.

I went over to the campus to do all the paperwork associated with sending students to the hospital. There is a lot--all sorts of compliance stuff, training, etc. Then it all has to be uploaded into a software system that is fairly new, and no one is exactly sure how it works. I ended up figuring out the first step, and was immediately made a super user. lol.

I talked with my boss for a bit. I really like her. Her presence has really changed the whole culture of the department. She told me some interesting stuff about what is going on across campus. I had mentioned to her that I wanted to understand how things worked in academia, and she seems happy to do that. I was never really good at hospital politics, so now I have a second chance. lol.

I have some more stuff to do tomorrow, but I am pretty much ready for the semester to start.


My sister makes felt Buddhas (and other things). I am not sure of the process but it takes a while and the results are interesting. Over the summer I mentioned that one of the Buddhas kind of looked like Homer Simpson. So she made me a felt Homer Simpson for my birthday. Very cool. Now he sits next to my squeaky Buddha, who has been my traveling companion for years and years. Those of you who were around for my Ghostjourney days might recognize him from back then.
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