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January 12--Please follow the instructions carefully

Here are a few more felt things my sister has made. I was thinking they were Buddhas, but they are actually Buddhist monks. They sit on a shelf in our hallway with all sorts of other iconography. It's kind of dusty.


I went into work again for a while today and had the place pretty much to myself again. Someone found my coffee supplies in the kitchen and was gracious enough to use them all up and not replace them. I had a pound of coffee in my car, so all was well, but now I'm keeping it in my desk. I worked on the software thing we are now using and that I am the super user for.

I sent out an email to the students with step by step instructions for how to register at the site. In the email I said, be sure to use your official school email address. The first line of the instructions read, "Please follow these instructions carefully. Be sure to use your official school email".

30 minutes later I got an email from one of my new students. " I used my gmail email instead of the school email--is that ok?" Can't wait to meet her.

Tomorrow we have all day meetings at work, and then a three-day weekend, and then the students arrive back and the roller coaster takes off. Whee!
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