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January 13--The new buzzword is "pathways"

Today was the first formal day back to work. There are no students, but all the faculty and staff are there. We have meetings all day. First at the college level, then division, then department. The college-level meeting is called Convocation. Some of my colleagues skip out on it, but I like it. I find it somewhat inspiring. The college really sets the tone that we are there to help students be successful.

The division meeting is somewhat less inspiring. It is Science and Allied Health, so geology, astronomy, biology, chemistry, and us. The nursing people sit in their own corner. The big topic of discussion was the move out of our building in May. The geology folks are concerned about their rocks.

The department meeting is great now that we have our awesome director. But by then we have been in meetings all day, so we have to dig for enthusiasm. After the department meeting, the 4th semester staff would normally have our team meeting, but one of us didn't come today, and the other two didn't feel like it so we deferred it until next week.

While I was at meetings, someone left a roll of Hello Kitty duct tape on my desk.

duct tape
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