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January 14--the last day of rest

I got up fairly early to participate in a conference call of my doctoral cohort. We attempt to talk together almost every Saturday morning over coffee. It is part assignment review and part support group. I got up a half hour early and made some coffee and played with the cats.

We have an extra person in our cohort for this class. He is in the nurse practitioner program, and plans to do the doctoral program right after he is done. Taking this class now will save him a semester down the line. He sounds like a nice guy, and he fit right in to our group. His name is Otto. Whenever I meet someone named Otto, I think of the character played by Kevin Kline in A Fish Called Wanda.

After the call was over, I joined Malida and the cats on the sofa for coffee. The house was kind of cold, and we were all wrapped in blankets. Everyone was happy and comfortable.

me and Mook

Chocko likes to curl up next to Malida, and Mook likes to plop down on top of me. The dynamics are fascinating.

After we enjoyed the morning, we went out for a walk along the creek, now that the water levels have gone down. There was still a lot of mud on the trail, but it was passable.

laguna creek

Not much wildlife other than birds today.

After we walked we had lunch, and then I came home and did school work in the afternoon. My first big assignment of the semester is due tomorrow.

Malida is planning her next trip to Thailand. I will stay home again, as I need to focus on my project. She and her friends will take a side trip to Japan. It sounds like fun. Her friends are fun too--We have traveled with them a couple of times and I always enjoy it. I will look forward to traveling again when I am finished with school. Until then I will put my head down and keep moving forward.
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