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January 20--Dedicated to Buffet

Malida got a call at about 4:10 this morning from her coworker who was supposed to open the clinic. She was in a wreck and asked Malida to open. So she got up, and I got up and made her coffee. After she left I didn't want to go back to bed, since I had to get up in less than an hour anyway, so I got ready and drove around in the pouring rain playing Ingress until I needed to be at the hospital. There was a lot of debris everywhere, and a half downed power pole leaning over the road. It was kind of a mess. I captured a bunch of portals and made some triangles.

I met my students at 6:30 and oriented them to the hospital setting. There is a lot of hospital-requested paperwork required. More and more each rotation it seems. We got through it and I turned them loose to see what they could find. Lots of my former students on the floor today, who welcomed the students and gave them words of encouragement. I like that.

I went outside to see how things looked and the sun was coming out a bit, but there were still some threatening clouds in the distance. I walked around the block. It felt good to be out in the cold air.


I came home and took a look at the fence in the daylight. It doesn't look that bad, although other sections are sagging. I have wanted to replace it for a while now, but the guy on the other side is a do-it-yourselfer and always wants to fix it. His last fix lasted for quite a while, but we didn't really have any rain or big storms for years, so maybe that's why.


Since I was working, I didn't watch any tv coverage today. For that I am grateful.

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It's been my experience that fences like that have about one fix in them, and the second time they fall apart it's because there's no longer any structural quality left in them.