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January 21--Love trumps hate

I was so encouraged by all the images that showed up on my social media pages today of all the people peacefully gathering to make their voice heard. It is what makes this country great, and it gives me great hope for the future. I don't say much about politics here, or on Facebook, but I do give what is happening a lot of thought, and I care deeply about what is happening.

I spent a good part of the day pondering the revisions to my project proposal. My classmates and I had a conference call about where we are at, and how we are proceeding. I love how cohesive my cohort is. Or most of it--there are few loners--but most of us are in this together. Most of us have done very little in the way of revision until today. Our first revision draft is due next Sunday night, so we will all be busy this week. I will talk with my advisor on Wednesday to clarify anything I need to know before submitting it.

I realized that after I posted yesterday, that I had forgotten to tell a story that related to the title of the post. Today's not the day to tell it, but I will save it for another day.

hiding cat

We put a blanket on the futon in Malida's office because the cats like to sleep on it, and their hair gets all over the upholstery. They are smarter than us.
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