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January 22--"The tree didn't fall down. In fact, there are more trees than ever!"

There was a nice break in the storm this morning and we took advantage of it to go out walking in the park. Our usual path is flooded, so we walked around the duck pond a few times. The walking path around the pond was blocked by a fallen tree, but it was easy to get around.

I counted 5 trees down in the park. That's a lot. I think the years of drought weakened them. There were a few more that have been red-tagged for removal. It's too bad. I love those trees.

tree down

We had our usual pho lunch and shopped before coming home. I spent the afternoon working on assignments due for my class, and doing some online tutoring with a couple of my students in math calculation. I was never really good at math, but I used it a lot in nursing before they invented IV pumps that would calculate for you. For a good part of my nursing career, I wore a Casio calculator watch, which came in handy. I think I still have it in a drawer somewhere. As I write this I wonder why we still have students calculate drip factors when everything is on a smart pump now.

I have a day full of meetings tomorrow. Ugh. That should make for some great pictures.
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