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January 23--About the Buffet

Last week during orientation, I went around the room and asked people why they wanted to enter nursing, and to tell something about themselves that no one else might know about them.

When I got to the last person, she revealed that she liked buffets. "I like buffets," was how she put it. She explained that she grew up poor, and never knew there were buffets until she was an adult. She went on to explain that once she discovered there was such a thing as a buffet, she made it her life's goal to eat at buffets. When she got married, she told her husband that she wanted to eat at buffets. She has eaten at every buffet in town.

She went on for about 10 minutes about her love of buffets, then paused and looked off into the distance for a moment and let out a contented sigh, "f***".

I fell out of my chair.

The copy machine for our department has been non-functioning since the middle of November. Even then it was only barely functioning, and I joked to the secretary that, rather than send out a notice when it was broke, it might be easier to just send out a notice on the rare times it was functioning. Haven't gotten that notice yet.

dead copier

There is a sign on the copy room door stating that it is broken, and that parts are on order. We are encouraged to use the copier in the next building, but it's broken a lot of the time too, so I just bring stuff home. My needs are few, anyway.

At the very bottom of the sign, in tiny print is this:

he's dead Jim

Jim is our dean. Someone has a sense of humor.
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