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January 24 The Facebook Combat Ribbon

I made a comment about something in my conservative friend's Facebook feed and some woman challenged me on it and basically went off on me. And pretty much everyone else who posted, even those who agreed with her. Someone else awarded her the Facebook Combat Ribbon. lol.

I made some more al pastor pork today. This time, instead of marinating it for a few hours, I marinated it for a couple of days. Made a huge difference in the flavor.

Here's what it looks like before cooking:

before pork

I roast it upright, but it always falls over at some point. I looked into an upright skewer with a base, but the cheapest one I could find was $40. It can fall over, I guess.

We had skills competencies at school today. I spent hours signing students off on giving IV medications and changing central line dressings. Usually I take a lot of pictures at these things, but I was kind of tired and didn't feel like it.


I did take a picture of a dinosaur that I saw in one of the geology cabinets in the other side of the building. That side is all rocks and fossils. The men's room is on that side, and the women's is on the nursing side, because.....right? Pretty soon that stuff is going to be all packed up when we abandon the building at the end of the semester. I should take more pictures.

An hour and a half later:

pork after

It is delicious! I slice it thin along the edges and freeze most of it for tacos. I think I posted another picture of this stuff earlier in the month. That's why there's a dinosaur picture too.
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