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January 29--Big muddy

I woke up at 7 and got to work on my project proposal draft . It is due this evening, just moments from now. I submitted it about a half hour ago, and then finished my other assignment due this evening, which was a couple of responses to discussion board posts.

My proposal draft weighed in at 55 pages, including references and appendices. I have been working on it for a while, and did a lot of work yesterday. I ended up spending about 10 hours finishing it up today, which was more than I anticipated. I knocked off at 12 to go to for a walk with Malida. We went over to Laguna Creek. It is unusually muddy today. I think it is because the weather has warmed some, and the snow at the lower elevations is melting and taking soil with it.

One thing I love about being me is that if I don't know how something works, I am more than willing to speculate about it and assume I might be right, unless proven otherwise. The other thing I like about being me is being proven otherwise.

laguna creek

I was thinking we would go to the pho place and get some noodles after the walk, but Malida was in the mood for all-you-can-eat sushi, so that's what we had. All-you-can-eat is not really compatible with staying mentally sharp in the afternoon, so after we ate I came home and took a nice nap. I woke up refreshed at 4, and went back to work.

Even though this proposal has been a lot of work, and is a critically important element of my project, I wasn't at all stressed out about it. I think I understand what I am doing now, and it is mostly about doing it. The stress comes when I don't understand it.

I haven't had a chance to look at the news feeds today, so have no idea what shape the world is in. I think I will head to bed that way, and sleep in blissful ignorance.


Here's the cat picture that I didn't post yesterday. This is my friend Tiger, who lives with my friends Danny and Apinya. He is the friendliest cat in the world, and I always enjoy spending some time with him.
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