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January 31--"my picture is alpha squirrel, because I love squirrels"

Today was an easy day at work. I had some stuff to do, and did it, while I listened to music. One of my officemates was lecturing and the other one was late getting in, so it was peaceful. I had some oatmeal and a banana. At this point in the semester, I am all caught up. That will end soon enough, but I savored it today. After my office hours at noon I took off and went out to play Ingress for a while.

I drove out to Clarksburg to pick up some wine from Bogle. I love driving out along the river. It's so peaceful. The first time I cooked dinner for my first wife, we drove out along the river after dinner and watched the sunset. We drove out to the same place on one of the last times she left the house. When I was much younger, I used to ride my bike out along the river road. Lots of memories out there.


Some fountain angels at the old sugar mill, which is now a wine tasting venue. The whole area is wine country now.

I anticipate a similarly low-key day tomorrow, and then things start to ramp back up.
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