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February 2--The inner voice of love

Today was the day that my students were able to give IV push medications, provided their patients needed them and they were ordered. I watched about half my students do this. Most of them were nervous and shaky, but they all knew what they were giving and what it was for. No harm was done.

One of my students was giving morphine to a guy who had some sort of unspecified pain that only morphine would relieve. As she was giving it, he told me that garlic was first cultivated by the Egyptians, and that if you rubbed garlic on a knife blade and cut someone it would kill them. So he avoids garlic. I thought to myself, what's the point of life without garlic?


I guess Malida was reading some Henri Nouwen earlier, and Mook took her place. Nouwen was one of my favorite writers at one point in my spiritual journey. That journey eventually led me to the desert, where I currently reside. At first it was uncomfortable, but now I like it here, and the spiritual desert feels like home. I'm ok not knowing what anything means.


Something I noticed when I was in Malida's office looking at the cats. Kind of an interesting mash-up.

I received feedback on my proposal revision. It wasn't good. My advisor suggested that it was a jumbled mess, which is a fairly accurate description of how it feels in my head. I decided to put off dwelling on the feedback for a few days until I don't feel like just quitting and redirecting my time to stuff that I like doing.
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