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February 4--One year later

I was reminded by Facebook that a year ago our house was all torn up while our new floors were installed. It was such a mess--everything in piles and dust everywhere. The cats were perpetually freaked out. I remember that they finished the tile just before the super bowl, and we were able to put some of our furniture back. After that came the carpets in the bedrooms, but that was much less traumatic.

flooring last year

We didn't do much today. Slept in, went out for some tasty burgers, and shopped for groceries. We have some people coming over to watch the game tomorrow and I am making ribs and baked beans. I rubbed the ribs with my rib rub and they are chilling away. I will cook them in the pressure cooker in some apple juice and vinegar, and then finish them off in the broiler.

I'm not a big football fan. I don't really care who wins or loses. I just like watching the game. My dad is a big football fan--a lifetime 49ers fan. He had a girlfriend once who was a big Cowboys fan. I was out to dinner with them and the girlfriend asked me which team I liked. I told her I didn't really like football, and she seemed genuinely shocked, to the point that my dad had to interject that I really did like football.

I'll likely root for Atlanta, mostly because I don't like the Patriots, but I would be ok with the Patriots winning just so Roger Goodell will have to face Tom Brady.

I forgot to buy stuff for dinner tonight, and forgot to take a picture today, so I made some shrimp tacos from the frozen shrimp Malida keeps for her Thai stuff. Two birds with one stone. They were delicious.

shrimp tacos

I watched a movie on tv last night. I don't watch much tv. The movie was about Rubin Carter, the boxer who was convicted of murder and spent years behind bars before being exonerated. Bob Dylan wrote a song about him. It was a good movie. Denzel Washington is one of my favorite actors, and he played the title role.
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