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February 7--Little PuppyAnne on the Prairie

It was raining heavily when I left for work this morning. I leave early before most of the traffic, so no big deal, but I have kind of forgotten what it is like for the rain to be around for a while. It is kind of a warm storm, so we had the bedroom window open a bit last night. There was lots of wind and it woke me up a few times, but then the rain put me back to sleep.

I find that I'm sleeping less soundly lately, and wake up a number of times during the night. I generally glance up at the clock and am comforted by the fact that is not time to get up yet, and go right back to sleep. Even if it is only 15 minutes before I have to get up, I think, "I can sleep for 15 more minutes".


Our first daffodils bloomed right before this last storm. I think they were expecting better weather.

One of our colleagues had to retire early last year due to the effects of illness. She is missed. Some of my other colleagues had the idea to do something in her honor, so they put together a cart with some food snacks for our students. Many of them live on a shoestring, and an extra snack now and then really helps. We put it out for the first time today and the students flocked to it like a steak in a piranha pond. I work with some awesome people.

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