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February 78--No. 2

We had the first test this morning and it went well. We were in a new computer lab with brand new computers, unlike the old, broken-down ones in the nursing department. Anyway, the business department is gracious enough to let us use their lab once a month or so.

No. 2

I sharpened the pencils before the test. The students use the pencils to make notes on scratch paper during the test. It's interesting what they put on them. Some seem to regurgitate a bunch of stuff from their brains that they fell like they need to remember. Others make diagrams or drawings. Last semester one student drew little cartoon people making goofy faces. He always got good scores, so I guess it was effective.


When I walked back to my office after the test, the campus seemed pretty deserted. It had been raining hard, so I guess everyone was in the library or something. Usually there are lots of students milling around in the quad.

I made green triangles after work for a while. It was more fun than doing homework.
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