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February 11--Hmongstory 40

I attended the opening of an exhibit today that tells the experiences of the Hmong refugees who came to California after the end of the Vietnam war. It was an interesting experience, given the current political system. One of the speakers reminded us that refugees don't have a voice--if we don't speak up for them, then no one will.

The exhibit itself was fascinating. Lots of pictures, lots of history. It was pretty crowded, so I will go back on another day and take my time with it. I made some good connections with people in the Hmong community. I was talking to one guy, and it turns out he is best friends with one of my former students.


A former refugee looks at pictures from one of the refugee camps in Thailand. On the opposite wall was a group of pictures of former refugees in their current positions as physicians, police officers, judges, entrepreneurs, and so on. A good reminder of many gifts immigrants bring to our communities.
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