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February 15--Shed Ramp Mural

Every morning I walk past the red shed that holds the chemicals that the chemistry department plays around with. It is off to the side of the walkway between the parking lot and the building where my office is. The building that will be torn down after this semester. The door of the shed is a few inches off the ground, and there is a ramp.

The ramp is the interesting thing here. It is a piece of plywood, upon which is painted the Sacramento waterfront from the 1800s, with the capital building in the distance. I don't imagine that someone painted it as a ramp for a chemical shed. I lean more toward that it was some sort of art project that was repurposed.

shed ramp mural 1

I think about it every time I walk past. Who painted it? How did it end up as a shed ramp? Do I need to capture it? Yes it is also an Ingress portal. One of the handful that I can access from my office. I capture it, they take it away, I recapture it, and so on.

Here is a better view so you can appreciate it not sideways:

shed ramp mural 2

Now that I have a photograph of it, I should send it to the art department and see if they know anything about it.

After my dark night of the soul last night, I had a fitful sleep. I eventually dropped off and dreamt that I was in Thailand, and all sorts of people I knew were there with me, and we were having a good time shopping for souvenirs at my favorite souvenir shop (which exists only in the dream). I woke up and made a plan of attack to get my project proposal ready to submit again Sunday night.
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