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February 17--Five and six years later

One of the great things about Facebook is that every once in a while it reminds me of what I was doing at some point in time in the past. It is generally photograph-related and shows me some image that I posted
x-years ago. Yesterday was a photo of the old blind woman who lived across the street from Malida's house. Today was one of my favorite pictures of our niece Nim. She was about 3 years old here, and it was the first time I met her as anything other than a baby.


I love this shot because it almost perfectly captures her nature at the time. She loved to have her picture taken, and loved to follow me around. It worked out great for both of us. She was still following me around when I was last there two years ago. I suspect when I am there next in 2 years, she will have changed into a shy 11-year-old.


There was a plate on the counter with some beat-up Oreos on it. I asked Malida why they were there. She told me that they had fallen on the floor. I asked her why she didn't throw them away, and she told me that she saved them in case she got hungry later. They were gone this morning.
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