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February 20--A325.SL

It was another full day of school work, though much less stressful than the previous few days. I had to create a draft powerpoint for my project presentation in April, and a concept map for my informatics class, which is a fun class. I texted back and forth with my cohort friends, who were working on the same assignments. Three of us share the same advisor, and we have become close. We are a support group for each other. I couldn't do it without them.

I knocked off for a while at midday and took a walk in the gentle rain. I went out to our favorite creek, but from the northeast access where we usually turn around, as our southwest access is flooded. I walked out on the bridge and looked down at the flowing water. Usually the creek is very narrow here--I can jump from one side to the other. Not today.

Laguna creek

There are flood warnings for tonight to the community southeast of us, that sits along the Cosumnes river. The warning noted that the flood level is about 12 feet, and the river is expected to crest at 15 feet. Our village is on high ground, with no immediate threats, but I feel bad for the folks down by the river.

bridge bolts

Some bolts on the bridge crossing the creek. There is a little park on this side of the bridge with a playground structure somewhat like a fort with a roof. Huddled under the fort were a couple of teenagers cuddling, and a dog who was cuddling with them. It seemed a lovely spot to sit out the rain.
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