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February 21--"Define 'stroganoff'"

I had a lot more extra homework yesterday than I thought, and ended up working on it until 9 pm. So much for my long weekend. To make up for it, I slacked off at work this morning, and left at about 12:30. I stopped to do some grocery shopping for the week. I have a couple of good things on the menu.

laguna falls

This is the same creek we like to walk along, but a few miles to the west of our trail. This is right next to the highway. It is an overflow area that relieves the creek level. Most of the time it is a park. along the edge is a concrete spillway that looks pretty ugly most of the time, but on days like this, it becomes Laguna Falls. You can see on the left of the image the dark clouds, and clearing to the right. A big storm cell had just passed over a few minutes earlier with heavy rain and even some lightning, but by the time I got out of the car, it was sunny!

I came home and took a nice nap in my chair. I dreamed that I was living in my grandparents' house. I've mentioned that it shows up in my dreams fairly often, and usually with a lot of people, but this time it was just me. Malida appeared later, dusting with a metal spatula, and discovered that carpenter bees had made a nest in the cuckoo clock.

I made some beef stroganoff in my electric pressure cooker. It is pretty cool. I can brown the meat in it, sauté onions and garlic, throw in the mushrooms and liquid, and let it cook. It turned out great and I put some in bags to freeze for later meals. I think this is the first time I have made stroganoff since my days as a hospital cook. Later in the week I am going to make a pork shoulder with greek seasonings.

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