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March 4--ありがとうございました

It was a nice, low-key Saturday. We slept in a little, until the cats insisted we get up and make coffee. We joined the cats for coffee and cat treats, and listened to music. We almost always have music streaming in the house. When I'm not here, Malida streams NPR. When neither of us are here, we leave whatever on for the cats, who seem to appreciate it.

We got some lunch and then went to the wine shop to get some champagne flutes for our friends who are getting married tomorrow. In the afternoon I worked on the ceremony. They want something simple, so simple it is. A greeting, a reading, some "I do's"s, rings, and "I now pronounce you..." to close things up.

One of our friends, the professor, is visiting from Thailand. He has students doing research in the US, so he comes a couple times a year. We always like to take him out when he is here, as he always does the same for us when we are in Chiang Mai. This time we took him and our other friends to one of those Japanese hibachi grill places, where they cook the food right there in front of you. We have been here before--during the week it is the all-you-can-eat sushi place Malida likes, but we have never tried the grill.


We don't know the people across from us. They fill up a table with an assortment of people and the chef cooks for everyone. It was very entertaining. The chef started by juggling his implements, then made some delicious fried rice. Then he cooked the meats, and finished with the vegetables. It was so much fun! And the food was good.

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