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March 11--Order #29

It was a lovely spring day today. We went out to walk in the park, which was full of people doing spring-like things. Everything is so green and fresh. The leaves are starting to come out on the trees. Even our little apple tree in the front yard has a few leaves, which thrilled Malida.

spring in the park

One of the sure signs of spring are the baseball fields in the park filling up with young boys and girls, with parents in the bleachers. there are about 10 baseball fields in the park, with three of them used for major tournaments. I always like hearing the crack of the bat this time of year.

Arvid Pauley field

This is one of them. Arvid Pauley Field, named after a long-time director of the Parks & Rec department for the county. It is also called the White Diamond, as all the fields have a color designation. It's my favorite. It is also an Ingress portal.

Malida is still on a big hamburger kick, so after visiting some other hamburger places the past few weeks, we returned to our local favorite, called The Habit. She always gets the teriyaki burger with a slice of pineapple, and I get the mushroom burger. they were delicious, but filling, so we had salads for dinner. She wants me to cook steak tomorrow. Interesting that when she first came to the US, she didn't eat beef.

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