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March 12--turtle heuristics

I set the clocks ahead last evening at about 9 pm, so as to ease into the time change. We didn't have to get up early, so it was pretty uneventful. I don't really get daylight savings time, but it doesn't give me the fantods either. I'll probably notice on Wednesday when I have to get up for an early morning flight.

We walked along the creek this morning before going for noodles. There were many people out walking, befitting the beautiful day. That creek is one of my favorite things about living here. I love seeing the changes throughout the year. I probably say that every time I write about the creek, but it is true.


Someone put some old wooden benches out along the creek, so we sat there for a while and enjoyed both the view, and the benches. We said a "thank-you" to whoever put them out.


The turtles were out in force, sunning themselves on tree branches in the creek. We counted at least 40 in this one area, which is where they like to meet and discuss the affairs of turtles.

After lunch we tried to take a nap, but the entire neighborhood was mowing their lawns, so it was challenging. I did close my eyes for a while and think about how if I could go back in time and take over my teenage body for a while, I would spend more time in class and less time smoking weed. Maybe.

birthday balloon

My Hello Kitty birthday balloon is slowly deflating and coming back to earth. It is now in reach of the cats, who don't quite know what to make of it.

I wrote a paper and cooked dinner this evening. The paper was 5-7 pages worth of an evaluation of a health app of my choice. I chose to evaluate the app that my health care provider uses, and found out all sorts of interesting things about it. I also discovered that he had asked me to start taking some supplemental potassium back in November, but failed to send the message to me or order the prescription. It's a good thing I have increased my intake of potassium-rich foods.
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