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March 21--"My work is about JOY!"

I was kind of disappointed to discover that there are still two months left in the semester. It seemed farther along than that. I've had a busy week catching up after my trip last week, but I am almost there. After my students start their preceptorships next week, some of the pressure will be off. And I am counting the days to the kidney lectures!

We have spring break the second week in April, and I am looking forward to some days on the coast in Mendocino. The guy who owns the place we stay at posted some absolutely beautiful pictures of their garden in bloom. We usually go up in January, so it will be a nice change to see so much color. One of my favorite spots.

When we were in New Orleans, we stumbled into this absolutely awesome gallery that featured work by an artist named Chris Roberts-Antieau. Her work is hard to describe. One piece explained why fireflies work. I was fascinated, and asked if I could take a picture of a quote taped to the wall. The gallery manager told me that the artist was ok with me (and you) photographing anything in the gallery.

Unlike yesterday's image.

My pictures don't do her work justice. Look her up if you are interested. A link to the gallery webpage

artist's statement

The artist's statement
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