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March 26--The Hype Cycle

Today was pretty much a typical Sunday. Malida woke me up at 6:30 and said, "Lets go out for a walk," then rolled over and slept until about 8:30. I got up and made coffee, and did some homework until we actually did go for a walk at about 10:30.


It was kind of cloudy, but not raining. We were surprised by how much greener everything is than the last time we thought everything was green. It's like someone pushed the saturation bar all the way to the right. There were lots of friendly people out walking today. Everyone said hi to everyone else.

As usual, after our walk we went to the noodle place for lunch. I decided to get some chow mein with crispy noodles instead of pho. It was really good, and a nice change. I have enough left over for lunch tomorrow. Sarah, our regular server stopped by to chat for a bit.

After we ate we went shopping for the week. We were thinking about having spaghetti this evening, but felt too full from our lunch, so I bought a big artichoke, which is what I ultimately had. There is a recent law in California that the grocery stores can't give you bags anymore. You either have to bring your own or buy them for $.10 each. I'm ok with this. Hopefully it will keep some plastic out of our landfill. I always forget to bring our reusable bags, though, so I pay for paper bags. I use the paper bags to collect our recyclables.

The checker asked if I wanted to buy bags today, and I said I did, and specified paper. He asked how many, and I said, "however many it takes". It seemed to throw him a little. I guess he is used to having decisive customers who can say, "two bags!"

I met with my small school group this afternoon to go over our group assignment. We are doing a powerpoint presentation on something. I got all my slides in this morning, including the one that describes the hype cycle. One of my classmates took the time to critique my slides and change stuff she didn't like. Unfortunately, her attention to detail on my work prevented her from completing her own, and none of her slides were done. She drives me crazy. I am glad this is the last ever school assignment I will ever have to do with her on my team. Grrrr.

We have a four-hour class at work tomorrow to update our gerontology certifications. Whee.

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