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March 27--Prêt A Déguster!

I had an interesting and unusual dream last night. In the dream, I was transported, somehow, to an alternate reality, in the present day. I met my parents, both old, but still married to each other. The walked toward me on a tree-lined street and we stopped to talk. They were holding hands. They accepted the fact that I was from another reality without any real explanation. I mentioned to them that in my reality, they had divorced in 1968. They looked sadly at each other, as if the remembered how tough that year was for them.

In my reality, it was a tough year for me--probably one of the toughest of my life. It took me a long time to move past the trauma of my parents' divorce.

They told me that in their reality, I had gone to college right out of high school, and had gone on to become a physician. They advised against meeting myself, because apparently I was somewhat of an asshole.

I was unable to get back to my reality, and was sort of left as a refugee in theirs. I had no papers, no history, no money, and no way to make a living. They arranged to have the alternate me give me $100,000. My plan was to buy a nice camera and a new identity, and move to Thailand.


Jimmy, the newest addition to my desktop posse.

The faculty had a class on gerontology today. We are required by the board of nursing to maintain certification in gerontology, and this was our recertification. It could have been a boring 5 hours, but it wasn't. It was fascinating. The facilitator was engaging, and knew her stuff.

The facilitator was someone I had met years ago--almost 30 years ago, back when I was a brand new nurse. Back then she taught a seminar that I attended, and I always remembered her. I didn't immediately recognize her today until I was introduced to her. I mentioned that I had met her way back when, and that she had made an impression on me. We talked for a while about teaching and such.

As she taught our class, I had the strange sensation of seeing her both as she was then, and as she is now. It augmented the discussion on aging.

What did I learn about aging today? That it shouldn't scare us. We don't become different people when we get old. We stay who we are. Nurses tend to have a distorted picture of aging, as we see a lot of sick old people. Sometimes it is good to be reminded that that is not aging--it is illness.
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