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April 2--Still Life with Salt Shaker

I had to go down to the hospital this morning to see a student and preceptor. Malida came with me, and I dropped her off in the park so she could walk and admire the roses that are about to bloom in the rose garden.

I saw the student, then picked her up. We picked up her friend so we could all have lunch together. I had a chop salad and they both had the cheesy crab panini, which they generously shared with me. After we dropped her friend off we did our weekly shopping.

I did homework in the afternoon, then cooked some baby back ribs for dinner. They were delicious. I read a book for a while, and now I'm writing this.

I have five more days of work before spring break starts. I am so looking forward to it, and to our trip up the coast to the village of Mendocino. The long-range weather forecast calls for clouds and temperatures in the 50s, which is fine with me. We always get much better weather than we expect up there, so even if there was some rain, we would be ok with it.

I went up there for my birthday a few weeks after my first wife passed away, and got caught in a rainstorm as I was walking through the village. I ducked into a music store (no longer there), and the owner invited me to wait out the storm and play around with the instruments. I ended up buying a mandolin, and attempted to learn to play it over the next couple of years. It went across Canada and the US with me. I didn't really get any better at it, but it was satisfying to pluck at it when I sat in front of my campfire. It's in the closet now. One day I will take it out again.

still life
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