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April 3--the post that didn't cross-post from DW

I had such interesting dreams last night. I can't remember anything about them other than they were so interesting that when my alarm went off I rolled over and slept (and dreamt) some more. I had no reason to be at work early, so it was all good.

I did go to work though, and got a lot done, as I had the office to myself. I went over to the hospital for a while at 11 to meet with a student, and had some lunch. As I was walking down the street I looked up at the old church across from the hospital. I noticed, for the first time, the architectural terra cotta that decorates the building. Funny how you can walk past a place over and over and miss such an interesting detail. I wonder if it was made at the terra cotta place I used to go photograph?

Sacred Heart Terra Cotta

I went back to the office and played around with the new student management system. I set up the first three modules and loaded some stuff in, in anticipation of the next class this Friday. It's going to take a while to set it all up, but once it is done, it should be really easy to manage.


I came home and had a rare two-cat nap.
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