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April --Sixty minus thirteen


I found a good use for that first rose and its friend. This would have been Arlina's 60th birthday, so I took it up there and put it in her vase.

I was looking back and I have so many pictures through the years just like this one. I realized that the roses always start to bloom at about this time. And this particular rose, which is planted outside my window, always blooms first. I almost always cut it and take it up there and put it in the vase. My Facebook memories picture from 5 years ago is essentially the same shot.

This room used to be her office, and we planted those roses out there so she could look out the window and see something pretty. It's my office now, and I love looking out at the roses. I've planted a few more over the years, but this one is my favorite.

I was looking at this picture and noticed how glowy the rose is, even without any sort of filter. I guess it is naturally glowy.

I saw a big turkey on the other side of the cemetery and walked over to see if I could get a photograph. He was quite accommodating, and struck a pose for me. There are turkeys everywhere around here. This weekend we will go to a place where there are peacocks all over the place.

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