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April 7--Solve for X

I went back to the second class of the series for learning the new student management system this afternoon. I had hoped it would be like last week, where I was the only person. It wasn't--there was one other person who taught I don't know what. Anyway, he hadn't taken the first class, so the first part was remediation to get him up to speed. Which never happened.

The presenter would throw up a slide, and this guy would just start pushing buttons and getting lost, and the presenter would have to bring him back to where we were supposed to be. Over and over and over. I blame both of them--they guy for co-opting the class, and the presenter for letting him co-opt it, when he knew I was there to learn.

I eventually tuned them both out and spent the balance of the hour trying to figure it out on my own, which I think I did. Sometimes it just takes concentrated time. I will go see the presenter in his office next week to see if I am on the right track. From now on it's one-on-one appointments for me.

I stopped in the science building to pee and saw this graffiti:

solve for x

I'm not a math person, so have no idea what it is supposed to represent. I'm guessing it is not something clever.

I was getting my cameras ready for our trip up north tomorrow and downloaded some random images from the past few weeks. I use the big cameras so rarely now that I hardly ever take them out of the car. The iPhone is just to convenient.

Here's one from last week:

do not enter

Hey, this crumbling cliff looks like a nice picnic spot!
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