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April 16--Little Shack in the Weeds

It was on and off rainy today, so a perfect day to just relax. We had plans to go out for lunch, but decided to stay in and I made grilled cheese sandwiches on my grandma's 60+year old Sunbeam griddle/waffle maker. The griddle plates are pretty much black from years of use and accumulated whatever, but it works great and the sandwiches taste like they did when I was a kid. It may, in fact, be part sandwich from when I was a kid.

I finished re-reading The Handmaid's Tale the other day and thought about what I want to read next. I sometimes get into the habit of re-reading stuff because I don't know what to read that is new. I remembered that I had signed up for Goodreads a while back and that they periodically send me emails about stuff, so I logged on. I looked through some of my friends' reading lists, and discovered that mine was empty. So I started adding the books I have already read to the list.

I spent hours fooling around there, adding books and looking at other peoples' lists. I found a few friends who have similar reading tastes to mine, and found a bunch of books I would like to read. I loaded up my Kindle, and am good to go for a while. It was an enjoyable experience to think about the books I have read, particularly the ones that stuck with me. I pretty much added the books that I liked. No point in adding the ones I didn't, with a few exceptions. I felt compelled to add The Da Vinci Code and giving it 1 star, because it sticks out in my mind as being exceptionally poorly written.

I found the experience of exploring other peoples' reading lists somewhat like scoping out their bookshelf when I visit their house, which I almost always do. I like seeing what people are reading, or have read. If a patient has some books at their bedside, I will always ask what they are reading and what it is about.

Here is a link to my (still incomplete)list if you are interested in seeing what I like to read: My Goodreads site If you have an account, add me so I can see what you are reading too.

Malida spent the afternoon (and morning) binge-watching a Korean soap opera, which she likes to do. She took some time away from the TV to carry Mook around the house. She likes to do that too. Mook doesn't resist, but clearly doesn't particularly enjoy it either.

Malida and Mook

I interpret Mook's attitude as "resignation". When Malida eventually sets her down, Mook cleans herself throughly, and then goes to sit next to Malida. Go figure.

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